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Everyone has a wishlist and below is mine. Wonder if I will get them fulfilled.

PDA handphone that has WiFi, GPS (nice extra feature), keyboard and large memory space. Dopod 900, Dopod 838Pro and Dopod P800 seems to have them. Nokia N91 is an alternative although it’s not a PDA. [check]

Car: That doesn’t depend only on petrol which is rising in price every month/year and does not emit fumes that harm the environment.

Laptop: That’s ultra light and mobile. Best if it can be folded, screen expand to my preferred size and keyboard is ergonomic-friendly. Touch-screen and allows me to be able to draw using stylus pen.

Silver Bracelet: Stylish looking chain with a dolphin or horseshoe charm.

Eyes: Remove myopia (lasik is an option). [check]

Eyebrows: Eyebrow embroidery

Home: Expandable house with my own bedroom, wardrobe, storage area, computer area, toilet and TV. Outdoor pool with jacuzzi, sun chairs and tables by poolside, elevator for every level, 3 level house (yeah, dream on).

Pet: Guinea Pig, Cat, Dog (either one will do). [check]

Degree: Graduate with a degree [check]

Games: Mystery Case Files – Prime Suspects, Mystery Case Files – Huntsville, Bubble Bobble Mania , Plant Tycoon by Big Fish Games

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