That Freak Accident That Changed My Family

It is coming to a year since my sister got into this freak accident that cost her a lot. Not just money.

  1. Her life
  2. The way she walks because of amputated toes and almost half the foot left
  3. Her job
  4. Her struggles with the accident aftermath
  5. Post traumatic stress
  6. Nightmares
  7. And God knows what else

She was bitter. Who wouldn’t be when the bus driver knocked you down and drove over your legs. The traffic light was in her favour yet the driver suffered from sudden blindness when she could be seen from her light coloured dress that she no longer dared to wear because of the evident scars running from her knees on both legs. She was crossing the road from the driver side. Surely you can see her. No. He didn’t see her. The court case is still pending because of something. I wish to know what that something is. Apparently, such cases are dragged for at least 2 years unless they are high profiles. Just take a look at that freak MRT accident involving their own staff in Mar 2016. The sentence was passed just nearly a year later. Now that she is finally able to look for a job, companies tell her that because of her lack of employment, she has to take a pay cut. The various reasons include: Too long never work Lack of education qualification With this changing economy, I have no words to say. All I can say is that companies never invest in employees because there is no vested interest in them. I say we become our own brands. That reminds me, I have to finish those online courses soon. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the court case.

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