10 Flexible Arrangement Jobs

Now that I’m back in the business of job searching, again, I’m looking at flexible arrangements for working. With the introductions of Uber, flexible work arrangements are now the rage, trend, inevitable path for Singapore. Never mind that IBM has just crushed the “work from home” scheme after more than a decade. A real pity.


There are some people who would really benefit from that and while Sweden is implementing 6 hours work day, the rest of the world is hung up on the 8 hour work day excluding commuting time. The 8 hours workday is all thanks to Henry Ford who made it for factory purposes. For businesses, the company can milk the juices out of employees for 8 hours a day for the same pay, why not, right?

Someone once said that we are merely sugarcanes being put into the press to be squeezed until we run out of juice. How apt, we are supposedly out of juice by age 65, in Singapore terms, and up for retirement. The same person also said that the retirement has no age.

Anyway, here are some of the companies that offer flexible work hours.

  1. Honest Bee
    Two main roles, Shopper Bee and Delivery Bee. Pick your poison. I mean, pick your role.
  2. UberEats
    Delivery. You can be the one with a vehicle or walk. You can choose to pick up the orders, or not.
  3. FoodPanda
    Delivery. You need a vehicle.
  4. Deliveroo
    Delivery. You need a vehicle.
  5. Asian Welcome
    Relocation Specialist. Sort of like a guide for expats coming to Singapore.
  6. FDM Group
    IT/Finance Consultants. Flexible hours for one or more clients. Only for Back to Business programmes and those who have stopped working for at least 1 year.
  7. SDI Media
    Translator. If you have fluency in various languages, this is a plus as they allow you to translate at home. From my understanding, it’s basically watching movies for free while working.
  8. Park N Parcel
    Parker. You just input your available time for collection from the client after collecting their parcels on their behalf. Note that this is just an add on as the number of parcels decides your earnings monthly.
  9. Resume Writer
    Resume Writer. Basically improving resumes for others. There is a check on your writing skills on a quarterly basis to ensure your writing skills are up to par. The number of resumes you write and how good your feedback is, determine your earnings.
  10. Freelancer
    Freelance everything. Whatever people need, you provide. The more assignments you take and complete, the more you earn.



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