Protected Time for Teachers

I have been contemplating about this after attending a staff meeting. The principal was focusing on protecting the protected time for teachers. I know that teachers are not allowed to take leave unless necessary during term times. Their main focus is to teach and they should teach unless they are on maternity or medical leave.


Now, the principal was talking about the protected time for the teachers. The teachers have worked hard during the term times and they ought to be resting during the school holidays and all. I agree. The teachers I have seen so far have been working hard. So do the support staff. The support stuff at school have to work during the school holidays too. The support staff have no protected time except during the Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays.

However, what I fail to understand is why the school can hold events on Friday evenings and Saturdays. What happened to the protected time for the support staff? You mean they are not humans who need rest too? I thought we have to be fair to all? Apparently, it is not so at this place. Sure, the events occur just a few times in a year. Calculate that into a yearly affair and every year, the same time, everyone have to put in the overtime and there is not break for the support staff as the support staff is still expected to work the next day if the event falls on Mon to Thu.

Take a road trip to the neighbouring country, the teachers get to rest the next day but the support staff still has to work the next day as the road trip is on a Wednesday. Where is the fairness in that when the support staff arrive home late into the night and seeing their children all in bed?

Treating the support staff like humans is basic. Getting them to join the road trip is all fine and dandy if the next day the support staff can rest but no. The contract states a 5 days work week. If you want everyone to join in, do consider the next day if it is a working day too. A road trip is tiring even if you do it slowly.

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