Masi Oka in Times Square

Here’s a short video of Masi Oka (as Hiro Nakaruma) from TV drama series Heroes helping a tourist to take a photograph in Times Square. Haven’t managed to catch all the episodes from this series.


[youtube XFv6JC0b9MM]

This video is shot by BuckShotWon, a.k.a. Adrian. This Adrian could be Adrian Pasdar the actor from Heroes. If it is, then “YATA!” as Hiro would have shouted.

[via Rinaz in Twitter]

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3 comments on “Masi Oka in Times Square

  1. @seoulqueen
    If you’re talking about Masi Oka cute, I’d agree. He sure is cute 😀

    You could be right, he definitely was missing out and it sure was priceless if he realised that he should have gotten an autograph. 🙂