I’m Hooked on Drama Again!

I’m hooked on drama. I guess this classify as idol drama (偶像剧). I feel young again. Of course I like the male lead, I think there are 2 of them; Wu Zun and Jiro Wang. Guess who? Of course the one who is more swoon-worthy la. 😛 Ella of S.H.E. is the female lead.


The drama is called Hana Kimi (花样少年少女) or For You in Full Bloom. It’s being shown in Taiwan and Channel U. Taiwan has shown up to the most exciting part; more and more people have discovered Ruixi’s (瑞希) real identity. I can’t wait for the next installment! On YouTube lor. Too many ads on Channel U liao.

With it being adapted from the comic book of the same name, there were scenes of goosebumps with the characters exaggerating their thoughts. Brr. JJ Lin acted as Ruixi’s protective brother; it was rather comical when he was touring the school on his own. I love the way Dr. Mei acted by Ryan Tang who loved to trick those who don’t know his preferences.

Here’s the theme opening MV for the drama; by S.H.E.

[youtube YSBbrqMzQtg]

Episode 1 (Part 1/8) It takes some time to load. Other episodes can be found here.

[youtube m6cnuPc7zkE]

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