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Updating My Skills

I’ve taken a long time to update my skills. Got caught up with jobs and family so much so that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to attend courses. Obviously, the money has to come from somewhere and courses these days cost a bomb. In between, I’ve also read up on the job trends and it isn’t looking too good. There are some jobs that I’m particularly interested in but they still want someone who knows how to do it. Apparently, “No Exp Welcome” really didn’t mean no experience. They just wanted to get as much applicants as possible.

I wanted to apply for that position but they only have a solo vacancy, meaning, that particular post needs someone who knows how to do it and have some knowledge of the usage. Oh well, I can understand it since businesses have to move fast. Failing fast may not be good for the company’s reputation. It would allow me to work from home and I was thinking of landing that job so that I can learn OJT style and work from home after 3 months of learning.

So, I have taken up all the free courses based on my interest. There are some courses that are no longer free so I could not take them up. My next objective is to complete those online courses as soon as I can and hopefully land a job that pays way better than my previous post. Now, when I read up on the job trends, it is scary to see that there is quite a number of jobs that will be taken over by automation and those who have never done any side lines or freelance part time while working full time will have a huge problem. We have to do some sidelines because we cannot just dump all our eggs into one basket.

Times change. Just look at the past jobs where there used to be people who pick up shit, real feces and now, with plumbing systems in service, they went out of jobs. It is perfectly ok to work part time as a freelancer on something that does not conflict with the job, IMO. We have to diversify. Companies diversify with their products and services, so, why should we not help ourselves too?

Complaining about the pay won’t help us, it just helps us release that frustration for a short time, then what? I love Coursera because of its structure. Sure, there are dates but with dates, we will be more disciplined to learn online if there is some peer reviews and marking system. Without those, the certificate is not ours and we just learn from the videos and downloads.

The SkillsFuture Credits can only last so long. Thus, I’m also looking at WSG for subsidies. Might as well upgrade ourselves to help ourselves. Companies won’t invest in our learning, we have to help ourselves.

Undercover Boss Realisations

I have been watching Undercover Boss on Netflix. All thanks to DD’s subscription and I’m the only one using it because he is mostly watching his Hong Kong dramas. At this point, it is always a good thing to have … read more