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Great to Travel Around

Ah, travelling, who doesn’t love travelling? Except when it’s for business for your boss. The feeling is different when you travel for work and leisure. I have not travelled to many countries. I still miss Gold Coast, Australia. The nights there are long because the shops close at 6pm. If you are a night owl, you might want to reconsider your destination.

While I would love to travel again, the airfares are now getting huge discounts. Almost all year round now. Imagine seeing the airfare for Vietnam costs only SGD39. Factor in the check in luggage, fuel charges, you still end up paying about SGD100 for a 2 way flight. The rest of the money goes into the food, travelling in Vietnam, entertainment and all. Still, not too shabby for a trip there.

The wheels on my luggage broke into pieces years back and I had to dump it. Haven’t bought any luggage since because I haven’t been travelling. Now, the wanderlust is biting and I want to fly to Australia, Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and just scratch the map for envy’s sake.

So, I have to look around for that luggage to travel in. I have this love for hard shell luggages.

Isn’t it the loveliest thing you’ve ever seen?

Those vertical lines remind me of safety. That this luggage is sturdy.

It’s always good to organise the luggage bag. Since the bags do get thrown around upon loading and unloading. I have the scratches on my old luggage bag to prove. Oh, wait, it’s thrown to the dumps now.

Digging the small handbag for sure. So cute!

How do you travel around? What kind of luggage do you prefer to travel around with?