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LED Traffic Lights on Ground for Pedestrians

I have no idea why this traffic lights on the ground was even implemented in the first place. You mean, you cannot bother to look up from the mobile phone just to check that the green man is flashed for crossing? Accidents have known to happen even when one is looking around. I know because a bus driver knocked my sister down while she was crossing the road when the green man was on. She had the right of way and he knocked her down and rolled over her legs after that. This resulted in her toes, 5 of them, to be amputated.

It has been months and we are still waiting for our case to be heard in court. She was wearing a light coloured dress. The area was well-lit and yet, the bus driver claimed that she could not be seen. Her life changed. She had to relearn how to walk and gain her confidence back. She has post trauma disorder from this accident and still waiting for her turn to sue the bus company. How long must we wait to sue the company and claim?

It hurts to look at her maimed feet because of this driver. She had 10 toes. Now, it’s a miracle that she still had legs to stand on and trouble balancing because the bus driver rolled over her legs causing her toes to be amputated. It hurts a lot to know that her legs are no longer the same and it hurts that she was well looked after by my mother and now, because of that bus driver, she is no longer whole physically. I have no idea how she will regain her confidence as she has become an introvert because of her difficulties in walking.

She was more outgoing than me and now, because of the bus driver, she has turned into someone else. Someone who is unable to walk far and gets tired easily because of her missing toes. It is difficult to stand and walk for too long.

Now, with this traffic lights on the ground for reasons being that people cannot be bothered to look up to ensure that all vehicles have stopped, I have no idea what this implementation is promoting. Is there a need to check that phone all the time even while crossing the road?