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Should Have Done in Hong Kong

While my trip to Hong Kong wasn’t that fruitful in my mind, I felt that I should have done a few things. First, buy that Lego inspired Anpanman toy set. That toy set was found only in Toy Street or Mongkok, can’t quite recall since I saw that in the 1st few days in Hong Kong and thought that I could find another set elsewhere. No.

Seriously cute right? The figurines are movable too. DD will kill me if I order from Taobao. How?

I did a quick search on what food we could eat in Wan Chai but Monday is the rest day for Oddies. It’s the only branch in Hong Kong. DD wasn’t keen in going back on Tuesday just for the ice cream as it’s not located near the MTR and we didn’t know where to look for bus directions. If I’m flying to Hong Kong again, this is the one food that I want to try.

We bought duds for flash drives in Ladies Market despite the low price. If you have the patience, look for those selling at 14 flash drives for HKD100 or bargain for extra when they offer 10 for HKD100. Make sure you are buying 10 and more before bargaining. Bring a laptop. Test each flash drive before paying. We didn’t bring a laptop as we didn’t expect that kind of pricing for 32GB flash drives. I guess no one buys flash drives and gift as souvenirs from overseas since in Singapore, we have to buy SGD16 for a 8GB simple looking flash drive.

The one thing that DD and I never did was to take photos of us in Hong Kong. Not sure why but maybe the novelty has worn off?

We kept using cash instead of Octopus Card to buy things in a lot of places, especially shops. It’s just so easy to make payments using the card without getting the change back in coins and there was this HKD1 coin that was difficult to get rid of because of the dents. How on earth does a coin get dents that way? I have no idea. I finally got rid of the coin at one night market.

I still can’t find a decent looking Tigger key chain in the Disneyland stores at the Hong Kong Airport. Why?