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TVB Destination Nowhere Impressions

It was by pure chance that I decided to take a look at the first episode of Destination Nowhere – 迷 via Starhub VV Drama VOD. No, not on my home TV, the Samsung TV died last year. That large screen is now a large dark mirror on the feature wall in my living room. I watched the first episode of the drama and felt that it was worth watching and completed it finally.

I wanted to see the chemistry between Kevin Cheng and Kristal Tin. I had enjoyed Kristal’s onscreen chemistry with Nancy Wu on Ghosts of Relativity and so, had binge watched this series. This series was about building up the characters and their involvement. There were flukes and my favourite character was Cheung Hak, that hapless guy who kept getting fired after a few days or less. Seriously, this guy was just so serious in his jobs but he had the luck of getting fired too easily.

What amazed me was that during interrogations, the police could just reveal their evidence to the potential criminals and that kept the police from finding out the truth early. Kevin Cheng was initially the guy who was just doing his duty and as the series progressed, he changed to be more responsible and put his heart into solving the crimes that were seemingly disconnected from one another.

There was also quite a number of inner dialogues and this reminds me of how those lengthy Taiwan dramas tend to put in. There isn’t much mystery as the betrayal and lies that this drama is about. Overall, I would say that this drama was worth the time although I feel that it could be shortened to 20 episodes instead of 30.