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5 Reasons to Love Using Electric Lunchboxes

I have always wanted to be able to have packed food that is warm. Eating ice cold lunch is not my idea of having a homemade meal. Thus, I bought an electric lunchbox during the Groupon sale a few years back. I have not been using it much so, I thought it’s a good idea to use it at work since I have power sockets at my cubicle. Two power sockets are not enough, so, I bought more power extensions. Recently, I bought another extension to accommodate the different power pins of my appliances. Buying from overseas will result in the power pins difference. Thankfully, Singapore sells tons of adaptors for those kind of problems.

So, my two layer lunchbox was utilised more during the school holidays because the canteen is closed for obvious reasons. Going out in the heavy rain just for lunch is not fun. The distance to the shopping mall isn’t that great but wet pants for the rest of the afternoon in the aircon office isn’t ideal. I can always put spare clothes but that’s another story. I bought a 3 layer lunchbox when it went on offer at Qoo10 a few months back. Decided that the 2 layer version is more suitable for home use. I can cook soup with the 3 layer version!

So, my reasons for using electric lunchboxes are

  1. I don’t have to go out in the cold rain just to get lunch. When it comes to the school canteen being closed during the school holidays.
  2. I can choose the amount of food to cook.
  3. I can have warm or hot food on the spot.
  4. I can choose what I like to eat to be cooked.
  5. I can try out different recipes without someone else objecting to my choice of food.

Would you get an electric lunchbox for yourself?