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Those Tiny Cute MCM Charms to Match Your Bags or Anything You Like

I have this thing for tiny cute charms and keychains are no doubt, my favourite way to dress up my bags. MCM certainly produces cute charms and I really like those charms.

Just look at this Mcm Visetos Bear Bag Charm. The colour reminds me of an ancient world map and I feel like travelling around now.

This Mcm Panda Bag Charm is absolutely adorable, no? Now, when am I going to make that visit to China to just see all those pandas? We do have 2 pandas in the Singapore Zoo but they are only 2 adults. I want to see those babies in real life too!

This Mcm Rabbit Bag Charm is so cool. He looks so good as if he is a pilot.

Then again, this Mcm Rabbit Visetos Bag Charm is another adorable charm to add on my bag. He does looked surprised though, don’t you think?

So this Mcm Visetos Angel Bear Key Charm does look smug. I have no idea why.

Ok, I just don’t know why this Mcm Rabbit Punk Fox Fur Bag Charm looks angry. Or do punks look so angry all the time?

Which charm is your favourite to decorate your bag?