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Ways to Use Essential Oils

I have been looking at ways to use essential oils ever since the threat of Dengue and Zika. It seems that when I am not urgently looking, I found more ways to use the essential oils than when I really needed to find ways. What I wanted was to use the essential oils on a necklace. A nice piece of jewellery that can be disguised as a diffuser, easy, right? No. It was not easy to find at that point in time.

Recently, I have been on a buying spree, my pitiful bank account, my pounding heart despite the bank account. I have been buying quite a few stuff online. It is too easy to click and pay until you check the amount in the bank account. Anyway, I found this excellent seller for essential oils and tried the trial bottles since they were on a low price. The larger bottles are priced competitively too. Was into buying more than $60 just to get the free courier service but I was thinking that 20 bottles of 30ml bottles of essential oil was just too much. Although I did want to try all 80 scents.

Thus, I bought only 6 bottles but got 1 complimentary from the seller. Awesome seller. I have also bought a humidifier and dropped a few drops of my new essential oils into it. The room smells good but my nose got used to it and the smell disappeared. However, when I moved into another room and back again, the aroma was still there. I personally like Frankincense and Peppermint. Those two are for soothing flu and sinus symptoms.

Now, besides my humidifier, I have found lockets. I have been looking for them for a long time and finally found lockets being sold. AliExpress has a wide range with various costs. Shipping costs may incur from some sellers. I have yet to buy any lockets because I don’t want my neck to turn green after using the lockets and chains. I used a necklace styled fitness band by buying a supposedly silver necklace and my neck turned green. Thus, I have been looking at the various designs and wondering if alloy material will suit me.

I’m wary of antiqued bronze because I once bought a necklace that was made of antiqued bronze and it broke before I even got to use it. The prices of those lockets look good enough to be presented as gifts during Christmas provided the material is good. This heart locket comes with a chain and looks stunning in the photos. I quite like this sphere too. This yin yang locket looks good too. Absolutely love the different designs of spheres here.

Since I have bought felt material years back, I can cut them into the locket sizes. Just need to decide which locket design I want and how to shape the felt material into balls if I were to buy the spheres.