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Fresh Showers Do Wonders

In Singapore, there really is a need to shower at least once a day. When the weather is scorching hot, another shower does wonders for the mind and mood. However, with increasing water bills, there is a need to keep clean and still not spend a whole month’s pay just on the bills. The right shower head will help and there are times when the jet stream of water beating against your back does help in releasing the tension in the body.

Introducing Ecocamel Jetstorm – Boost Power, Save Water, the shower head that helps to save water.

Up next, we have Ecocamel Jetstorm Plus – Boost Power, Save Water to help us with 3 different jet settings. Certainly helps when there are so many aches on my shoulder.

Of course, let’s not forget Ecocamel Square Rain Shower – Boost Power, Save Water, a rain shower that helps in water saving too. Some people do love rain showers because of the massive coverage. Keeps us clean in this hot weather.

Which is your favourite shower head? A rain shower for cleaning?