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Luxury of Food Delivery

I love to eat. I just hate to wash up the dishes. So, in comes Deliveroo, FoodPanda and uberEats. So far, we have tried Deliveroo and uberEats. Basically due to Shopback cash back. When you spend the money, it’s not coming back unless you use Shopback, so, why not? Get your $5 when you sign up.

My experience with Deliveroo is that it’s a lot easier to get the cash back. uberEats is a another step with the email to be sent to Shopback for verification. So, depending on what you prefer, you just use whatever means you can to get some cash back after spending money. Afterall, money is what we have to spend everyday anyway.

Our first encounter with Deliveroo was with Lenu. Unfortunately, Lenu didn’t pack my cutlet. Deliveroo had to refund us. We have tried Small Fish Big Fish with uberEats, the only service that delivers Small Fish Big Fish. Unfortunately, Small Fish Big Fish has an open air concept for delivery and our food arrived more on the cool warm than warm warm, if you know what I mean. To illustrate, it came as pictured below via Daniel Food Diary.

A pity since the chips were thin, sometimes crispy, sometimes not and the fish was fried rather well. The sauces were good though. Eating at the location was the issue as weekends were packed. There is no need to try ordering for weekend delivery. We had to order during the weekeday.

We tried Deliveroo again for the pasta from Collin’s Grille Bento, or was it West Grill Station? Anyway, the pasta was good. We will order again or just visit the place for the experience.