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Chinese Customary Wedding From Groom Viewpoint

I had a bride’s viewpoint from a customary wedding when I got married, so it was interesting to see things from a groom’s point when one of my brother-in-law got married. It wasn’t much different but it did consist a lot of preparations like putting money into the ang baos, prayers for the death anniversary of the grandfather (it happened to be the date, so he had to give prayers before leaving the house to fetch the bride), getting up real early, ensuring that the buffet arrived and was paid for, etc.

It’s the first time I was able to take some photos and seriously, getting married with the customary style is not a walk in the park. There are so many things to take note of and the time to be managed and to hide in the rooms before the bride has entered the house, etc. This reminds of the one and only time I was involved in my uncle’s wedding that was so many years ago. I can’t remember which uncle since I was so young. I had to hide in the bedroom from the bride too. So, this part wasn’t new to me.

The buffet was nice. I could actually eat something! I didn’t eat from the buffet that DD ordered, we just didn’t expect so many guests and I ate at my mother’s place when we left mother-in-law’s place. All I remembered was the constant change of clothes, the thick makeup to ensure that I looked good in the photos and the hot sun and the rush of sitting in the rented Mini Cooper.

So, I present the few photos that I have captured for the wedding.




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