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Forced to Take Leave

I have been here only for less than half a year and there are ugly stories surrounding this workplace. To start, the staff retreat where I didn’t go due to medical reasons. The reason must justify that I was not fit for travelling before the travel agency would accept. Huh? First, you force me to go and never give me any choice. Sigh.

Next, the support staff retreat that I’m supposed to join did not give any lunch before we boarded the bus to the destination. Seriously, this school lacks staff welfare. I had to get lunch myself or starve to death at the retreat. There were light refreshments given. If there is no budget, don’t need to make it look good as retreats. Seriously.

The latest school closure or partial closure on Youth Day. The entire staff room building where I’m supposed to be sitting in was locked. I was still expected to work in the computer lab. What? If you want to save money on resources, close the whole school for the day. In a calendar year, how many such one day school holidays can occur? Children’s Day, the day after National Day, Youth Day, Teacher’s Day. Why can’t the schools just close out of goodwill for those days? Is it that hard? Is MOE that slave driver?

This school actually told the librarian to take leave on Youth Day just because the building was locked. Wow. In my years at another school, the time off was given out of goodwill. And the principal (newly arrived) wonders why there is a high staff turnover rate. Not surprising with all this kind of stunts being pulled. I have not added in other stunts by the VP of mine who likes to know every little thing. The suggestions given by her are never good. They create extra work. It is very disappointing to know that not every school is the same. Never mind that I should have expected it but this one takes the cake among all my previous workplaces.