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Listening to Radio Again

It has been years since I last listened to the radio. I used to tune in to 93.3FM and decided to tune in again. For me, the scene has changed. Apparently, I no longer enjoy the new songs that the channel is playing. Instead, I tune in 97.2FM and enjoy the music that were played years back.

My taste in music hasn’t changed much. It has pretty much stayed the same as I like songs with meaningful lyrics instead of lyrics that are just churned out for the sake of filling up the music melody. So, a friend decided to refresh our memories. Such as Eternal Flame by The Bangles. Now then I know the song was sung by them.


Needless to say, I liked some of their other songs too.


And this next one that I think the song was featured in one of the movies.


So, which song did you like from The Bangles?

The Circle of Life

Life is a cycle. Just for words to describe it simply. “生老病死”. We go through birth, age, illness and death. These are what we go through daily. To use it in a sentence, I can think of the following. 这些都是人生。我们重得经历过生老病死。 … read more

Undercover Boss Realisations

I have been watching Undercover Boss on Netflix. All thanks to DD’s subscription and I’m the only one using it because he is mostly watching his Hong Kong dramas. At this point, it is always a good thing to have … read more