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Those Pretty Ear Cuffs from Legend of Nine Tails Fox

I have been watching the latest drama, Legend of Nine Tails Fox 青丘狐传说, by Hunan Broadcast System (Hunan TV). Just a few episodes in and I am extremely intrigued by the ear cuffs worn by the female fox spirits when they are in the human world. I have thing for earrings and pretty ear cuffs.

So difficult to find duplicates online. Either I am too anxious or the drama is not popular enough to have duplicates. It’s also difficult to find screenshots of those ear cuffs. I wonder if I can make them or just buy them somewhere. I have no idea if I will ever wear at all even if I have them.

Found one from one of the episodes. The above was from the first few episodes.

Now, on to my search for those ear cuffs and hopefully more closeups found online.

Undercover Boss Realisations

I have been watching Undercover Boss on Netflix. All thanks to DD’s subscription and I’m the only one using it because he is mostly watching his Hong Kong dramas. At this point, it is always a good thing to have … read more