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I Spend my Life With You

Having watched a lot of period Chinese dramas, the statement that stood out the most was always this “与生相需”. To translate, it’s spending the lifetime with the person. Now, this phrase is used when a hero saves a girl, or a man sees the girl naked due to some circumstances like she has to save him without her clothes because her kungfu saving skill needs one to be in the nude because that’s the only way to use it.

My Chinese isn’t that awesome since it took me a few times to see the phrase being used in a number of episodes and different dramas to understand the sentence. Just four words in Chinese and it signifies a lifetime with someone because that person is the saviour or something. Normally, it’s the saviour. To use this phrase, I can think of a simple sentence.


To save my life, he had his leg amputated. I will spend my life with him.

My example seems rather gross. Perhaps I should use some drama scene whereby this girl has to be naked in order to be saved or something. Anyway, the phrase can be romantic since it’s always the good guy getting the pretty girl in dramas where there are some sacrifices usually by the girl, poor girls. The saving grace is that the guys are usually nice ones.

This is my favourite phrase since it’s been used mostly romantically.

其实你懂我 by Chen Qiao En

Been watching 樱野三加一 (Ying Ye 3+1), starring Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En. They used to star in 王子变青蛙 (Prince Turns into Frog). Below is my favourite song that’s being played throughout the series. 16 episodes. I rather loved the … read more