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My Spiritual Ex-Lover Impressions

When the series was first released online, it wasn’t completed. I like to watch completed series so, I watched it when the last episode was posted. First, this is a comedy period drama where the characters or at least 3 of the characters that I know of are adapted from the Liao Zhai tales. Nip Siu Sin or Nie Xiao Qian (聂小倩) in this drama is acted by 2 people. I feel weird seeing Nancy Sit acting as the “swollen” ghost of Xiao Qian. Apparently, Xiao Qian in this version died in the sea. Hence, her ghost is swollen instead of looking her like her initial self.

Edwin Siu is the honest scholar-to-be Ning Choi San or Ning Cai Chen (宁采臣). In this series, he has two older brothers with very different personalities. I’m just relieved that his character is portrayed as someone who is nauseating honest and too naive. Finally, Yin Chik Ha or Yan Chi Xia (燕赤霞) is a man in the first few episodes and woman in the later episodes. This is the character whom I find it difficult to accept. Although, I must admit, the name itself is a mix of female and male parts. Perhaps as a Taoist who is powerful enough to capture all kinds of ghosts and demons, the name must have Yin and Yang portions, a balance aura to fight those ghouls.

First of all, for this adaptation, do not expect anything but comedy and change of storyline. It’s an adaptation after all. that’s what I kept telling myself whenever Choi San and Siu Sin (I call them this because I watched the Hong Kong un-dubbed version) in the same scene. This is a short series that was worth my time watching since I didn’t skip any parts of the episodes. For some strange reason, I tend to skip parts of episodes for long drama series. I guess I’m a little impatient to get to the end of the series or the parts were just too much when it becomes cliche or when there is this annoying character who just like to be childish.

The series reveal the past of what the characters did and finally, the bad guy never fails to appear in the end. What is most confusing is the Pau family of triplets. At least to me, it’s confusing. However, they have their individual appearances so, I don’t get them mixed up easily.

What I like about this series is that it’s lighthearted and refreshing for a change. Some of the movie adaptations of Ning Cai Chen and Nie Xiao Qian have been rather somber and sometimes, dark.

Vivacious Spain

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