Keeping My Floor Clean

I like a clean house, who doesn’t? It’s just a lot of hard work at making the house clean. Who does not need to work? I have to work. After work, I just want to relax. Enjoy the quiet house except it’s not that quiet when it’s filled with young kids. However, I like to imagine that the house is nice and quiet. So, I have door mats. Boy do these door mats work hard at being door mats and being nice looking.

Here’s the Superman Clark Kent Alias Door Mat getting stepped on. I’m so sorry but you have to keep my floor clean and dry. I have always loved this particular scene of Clark Kent showing off the chest logo action.

So, there is this Star Wars ‘Disturbance in the Force’ Door Mat, the Ewoks have always been my favourite characters. Although they don’t get much love.

So, the Marvel Captain America Door Mat is my favourite logo since Captain America has a nice looking shield that seems to stand out brilliantly.

What’s your favourite way to decorate your floor and keep it clean?

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