I Completed an Online MBA at Udemy

So, I decided to take up some courses after all these years of not upgrading myself or just learning new skills. I took up an online MBA course via Udemy. Although, while the course title sounds impressive, the actually contents is more about owning a business. Yet, the course is not too far away from being an MBA. It is truly about business and owning a business unlike the MBA courses conducted in universities.

This MBA course showcases on how to start off. The pace is at my own and I can always repeat the video or read the PDF provided just to make sure that I know what is going on. This is not a graded course. I must agree with this review since some contents suits me and other contents are uncomfortable to me.

The contents of this course is essential to building your own business. I took this course up because I can use my SkillsFuture Credits and it costs only SGD15 for a newcomer. Might as well take up a course that sounds impressive. What I like about this MBA course by Chris Haroun is that the videos are broken down into bite sizes. There are topics that are pretty dry, typical of any courses. The course also give short quizzes to check my understanding of some of the concepts. All in all, a great way to have lifetime access to this course too.

My new goal in life is to keep learning, never mind that the courses may not be related to work. For work related courses, I’m going to apply for those WSG, etc. Time to keep learning. Life Long Learning is my motto.

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