Only Lonely

Loneliness can hit anyone at any time. Even when we are surrounded by friends, sometimes we are missing someone who is not there and that's when loneliness hits us. It's sad that the person we're missing is not there, does … read more

Why The Ring is Worn on The Fourth Finger

为什么婚戒要带在无名指上 Why must we wear the ring on the fourth finger 请照着步骤做,你会发现上天造人的奥妙 Please follow the steps and you will know 1、首先大家伸出两手,将中指向下弯曲,对靠在一起,就是中指的背跟背靠在一起。 First, do as the photo shown below. 2、然后将其他的4个手指分别指尖对碰。 3、在开始游戏的正题之前,请确保以下过程中,5个手指只允许一对手指分开。 下面开始游戏的正题。 4、请张开你们那对大母指,大母指代表我们的父母,能够张开,每个人都会有生老病 死,父母也会有一天离我们而去。 Try to separate your thumbs. Thumb represent … read more