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Time to Wear Summer Shorts

It’s kinda late since it’s already August and the weather has been turning cooler recently. However, in Singapore, the weather has always been either hot, hotter or hottest. Sometimes, cool. Thus, in this warm country, I like to wear shorts. Decent looking ones that doesn’t make me look under-dressed. When I am out for errands, I still want to look good and well-groomed.

White shorts just bring about that fresh air, don’t you think this AG THE Hailey – White Restored is so comfortable and decent looking?

Guys, don’t you look good with this pair of Levi’s Carrier Cargo Shorts – True Chino?

I know, I know, there are only so many designs for shorts but it all depends on your preferences, right? Check out this Cleobella Izcali Short.

Men tend to get the better shorts, they always come with pockets, just like this PX Clothing Tyler Short. Not that I would want to put everything into the pockets and have the shorts hanging around my buttocks in the end.

So, which pair of shorts would you go for when the weather is simply too hot for pants?

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