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Because IT is Showing

I know I had to do it. I mean, with my FB flooded with pranks from around the world when It (movie) was launched, just look at those red balloons at yellow raincoat. Besides, I’m browsing through Google News, something that I’m interested at the moment, and the links to those Pennywise and other horror stories are just too hard to ignore when they are right in your face.

The terrifying reason why the original actor pulled out of the movie, it’s a horror movie, obviously some dark elements are involved. Considering that it is the 7th lunar month that the movie was launched. They might have been thinking about Halloween on their side of the world though.

Dear Stephen King, as your books are mostly horror, I have never read them once. Although, I admire your works. From a distance.

Now, the creepy 27 years about It. Shudders. I must say that I didn’t expect this part. So glad that the movie didn’t contain the scene. Hang on, the movie It is just Chapter One?! Dear God, please save me from more trailers of subsequent chapters.

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