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The Most Reasonable Regulations, Finally

Being in Singapore has its hazards when it comes to errant cyclists. I do not dislike cyclists in general. I dislike how the errant ones go against the traffic flow. Seriously, are you trying to claim insurance or testing the eyesight and reaction of the drivers? The errant ones not only go against the flow of traffic on the road, they also disobey the traffic lights when on the road. The rule is simple. When you are on the road, for the love of life, obey the traffic lights. Why else do you think the drivers hate you so?

So, the recent advisory panel suggested the regulations that I feel are reasonable. They are even very doable.

There are quite a number of wheelchair bound people in my area and they are using motorised wheelchairs to get around. Best creation ever. However, I just wish the parents will restrict the kids from using their kick scooters inside the shopping centres. Not that I don’t trust the skills of the kids. But shopping centres are full of people. When someone is hurt, is it the child with the kick scooter at fault or the person who has been knocked down at fault?

Now, if the LTA were to agree to these set of regulations, I hope that it is easier to penalise those errant cyclists if they were to register their electric bicycles when they don’t obey traffic rules while on the road. You are using the electric bicycles to travel to some place, make it simple. The rules are the same as “Don’t drink and drive”. “Obey the traffic, think of your loved ones.” Now, we have so many campaigns, how come don’t have any for reminding cyclists and hoverboard users to be mindful too?

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