R.I.P.D. is Dead Serious Work

I never knew about this movie till it showed in Channel 5. Or I have totally lost track of keeping up with movies. Reading might be more of my thing since I can still and the words will capture my attention better. R.I.P.D. is all about Nick and his partner Roy paired up by the Proctor by force. Roy refused to be with a rookie, claiming he prefers to work alone.

Naturally, Roy has to work with Nick and showing him how he works which is a lot easier for him. Nick struggles initially with how much he looks like an old Chinese man, his words, and what a hottie Roy looks like to others. However, he carries on with it and discover that his killer is actually a deado who is plotting to let the dead stay on earth instead of moving on to the afterlife.

This movie has some comedic moments when Roy is hit on by a man and he retaliates by throwing the business card at the man after a few words of saying that women have to be respected. I guess that’s the good thing that Roy has learned from being seen as a sexy woman when he has to catch deados. Nick is still hung up with his China man persona.

I get laughs about the movie is the banana that Nick is always seen holding when humans see him trying to shoot deados. Humans see a Chinese man holding the banana as if it were a gun.

The ending is definitely worth watching this movie since Roy gave him a new ID.

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