Up Made Me Cry!

Image by animetaste via Flickr Having seen the preview of Up by Pixar, DD and I were anticipating for it since the GPS dropped out of the sky by Russell. However, I didn’t expect the unbelievably cute clouds making babies … read more

Pandas Are Cuddly!

Pandas are cuddly creatures and no matter what size. Amazing animals. Bento lunch by luckysundae Uploaded by GarfieldTheLazyCat Uploaded by A Pandographer Uploaded by A Pandographer (Cassie) I hope that the conservation programme will succeed since their natural habitats are … read more

Puppies Monday!

I’m late, I know. Must do something about this. Another rainy Monday. I wonder why. Below are those adorable puppies! Anything that’s tiny, often are cute. This puppy looks like he is begging to be taken to a lovely home! … read more

Free Hamster With Purchase!

Oh. My. Goodness. SPCA certainly has wasted its efforts in trying to promote responsibility for animals. By buying $35 worth of products for small animals, you get a free hamster. Does this mean that Pets’ Station is housing too much … read more