Human Factors in Strays, Not Strays

Often, it’s easy to blame the strays for the rats infestation. That’s a huge thing only because it happened in Bukit Batok MRT station and can be seen by everyone. There are irresponsible feeders who feed and just leave the stuff without going back to clear away the empty containers. That’s why the rats are able to multiply that fast. Rodents tend to mate and they give birth very fast. How long do you really expect a small creature to have the gestation period, actually?

I have seen rats the size of a kitten. That is huge, that also means that the rat has been eating good food. Just look at how people are feeding the cats and dogs. Humans can’t stand stench and the natural blaming procedure will land on the innocent animal that is unable to pay for the food that the feeder provides. Do those people actually think that animals without training can buy food?

Humans are able to pay for the food, not the animals. Animals can only look for food that are lying around when those are often found in dustbins that may have been left uncleared for more than a day. Animals have a strong sense of will in living and they will find food in one way or another. Blaming them for trying to survive is like scolding yourself for not clearing the bins in a roundabout way. Look into the mirror and scold yourself for not clearing the dustbins. The strays are only doing what they can do to survive.

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