Belated Baymax Craze

When Big Hero 6 was launched in the cinemas, I didn’t go to watch. For some reason, watching in cinemas has been a kind of luxury or effort for me. I have started using Carousell and tried to sell my stuff but that’s another story. So, I looked to stuff to buy that aren’t available in stores. At least I don’t see them being sold in stores.

Like this Baymax keychain from this seller.

After looking through the various types of Baymax keychain, this is the version that I like the most.

This set of Minecraft mini figurines. Although, the set that I bought was just the figures without the stands.

Finally, I have also bought Wall E and Eve set.

When I buy from Carousell, I don’t really bargain much since I have spent a bit of time looking through the posts and ensuring that the price is reasonable. To me, at least. There are sellers who really sell at low profits, and others who sell at higher profits. I choose one that is reputable and also includes postage options since some of the collection places are really too inconvenient for me.

My Wall E and Eve set was from this seller. Oh dear, the blank Danboard versions are sold out. The full set is worth considering if you are hardcore Danboard fan.

And so, I was really going to talk all about my belated craze with Baymax and I ended up sharing my hauls from Carousell. Hmm. Basically, I didn’t realise that people make Baymax dumplings. I would say that these dumplings are more like buns. I guess the trip to Toys ‘R’ Us made me go gaga over Baymax in some ways. There was this poseable toy set of Baymax and that calico cat that I never got the name of. Really wanted that set until I found a cheaper alternative on Carousell, hence the keychain that lights and and keeps saying in a not Baymax voice “I love you”.

There was also this egg shaped Baymax that tranforms into Baymax, obviously. However, it didn’t seem like it was poseable, so I didn’t want to buy it. Toys ‘R’ Us can be real expensive for toys even if Kiddy Palace doesn’t have. That was also the reason why I bought Wall E and Eve from the same seller that sells Danboard.

I don’t know if I will still look for Baymax related stuff since I am very happy with my keychain purchase. Let’s see how it goes.

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