Memory Keepsakes Necklaces

I have been searching for locket lanyards and found it in AliExpress, my new shopping site since Qoo10. Not that Q0010 is not good but there are certain things that are not sold on Qoo10 or cost more at Qoo10. Thus, I tried out AliExpress. I have since bought 4 items that include free shipping with tracking. Honestly speaking, those that come with free tracking shipping have already included the costs in the pricing.


I am currently interested in aromatherapy lockets at the moment. However, I saw something that is rather interesting and could be memorable to others. Those urns that can contain some ashes of your loved ones. My personal favourites:

A 316L stainless steel. This grade is said to be suitable for essential oils too.

Another heart-shaped with a small crystal.

Infinity shaped stainless steel.

Not sure what shape this is but it doesn’t look like an urn.

In the shape of a gourd. Rather nice, I must say.

The urns can also be crystal-like.

There are more designs on the site and the above are just a few of my favourite. The urns can also contain perfume if you like as long as there are screws; which I feel is a better design.

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