So Many Mosquito Repellent Types

And so, here I am at the stage of buying mosquito repellents. Mosquitoes love my blood, a lot when I go to zoos. Thus, the zoo is not my favourite place for family outings. Thankfully, we don’t visit the zoo partly due to the prices. Although, there is a promotion going on till end of 2016, I think. Check out Wildlife Reserves Singapore for more info.


With the number of Zika infections increasing and the never ending Dengue, I have come to the conclusion that I have to use mosquito repellents, just in case. I bought the mosquito repellent patches first. Since it was available.

However, there are other options and I have been contemplating DIY-ing a paracord bracelet like forever. Check out what this lady did for her family. The thing is this, essential oils (good ones) cost a bit of moolah. Not that Daiso doesn’t sell, Daiso tend to sell things based on trends. The bottles are small too. 5ml, I think. Limited range for repelling mosquitoes too. I bought only Eucalyptus and Peppermint as they were the only ones available. In addition, essential oils ought to be used within 3 years from the manufacturing date.

So, I have been checking out paracord sellers. This seller is by far the economical for me since I am making only for myself. I am not sure if the rest of my family members want since they would have to buy essential oils if they like this concept. Currently, I have bought additional mosquito repellent like the popular Bikit Guard or Wingstop badges.

Watching tons of Youtube on how to make different types of paracord bracelet has my heart racing since I like to choose my own colours. I wonder when and if I will ever make those bracelets.

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