So Many Things to Buy

I have already bought masks due to the previous haze problem. This time, besides dengue, we have Zika to fight against. The thing is this, how does one actually kill those mosquitoes without killing ourselves? We cover ourselves with lemongrass, citronella, and other mosquito repellents.


Thus, I managed to order some repellents here. I am hoping it is useful. I have also bought some patches to use for the time being.

Apparently, Bikit Guard was made popular after Korean’s variety show, Running Man, used during one of the episodes. If your kids prefer cartoon characters, you can consider these. Or you can buy in bulk too.

While Deet free repellents have been recommended for most of us, it is actually those with some deet that repels the mosquitoes. Just about 20% is enough as long as we don’t use it too much on the skin. Keep yourselves safe against the mosquitoes.

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