So The Rest of the Singapore Olympic Team Didn’t Put in Effort At All

Singapore won its first Olympic Gold after many years of trying. It isn’t easy to send in a team for each of the sport category who can qualify for the Olympics. It takes years of training and personal goal settings and beating own goals to get to that stage. Joseph Schooling qualified for it after training for years. He beat Michael Phelps, his idol, no less in the 100m butterfly finals.


Not that I am not happy but when the rest of the team have tried so hard after years of training, flooding the feed with Joseph Schooling’s one gold medal is really too much. You mean the rest didn’t do their part too? It isn’t easy when a male attends one Olympic and won something. It isn’t easy to qualify for the Olympic. People don’t see the years of tears and hard work and just criticize easy with the keyboard.

Those journalists too. Joseph Schooling won gold and all you do is pepper Michael Phelps with questions. Either your bosses are arses or you are. Or right, maybe you are just biased. Michael Phelps is one heck of a guy. He is humble and doesn’t put on airs. I can understand why he wants to retire from competitive swimming. Look at him, he is of the age where the younger guys are starting to gain on him. He knows that sports isn’t a long term career when it comes to being competitive. He might even go into coaching and be able to spend time with his new family.

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