The Itch for Making Miniature Items

Recently, I’ve been watching too many Youtube on making miniature items. Such as cooking pots, pans, dollhouse items. As for the cooking pots and pans, those are not new. I like to see how people make them and I still prefer the one by Kiki Mendes. I don’t need polymer clay which I would really not be good in shaping the clay.


And then, this uploader is able to make realistic looking items. By using printouts. Not that bad an idea since it is easier to use printouts and glue than trying to shape them using polymer clay. One of them showed how to make a makeup palette. That I think I can replicate since the makeup item I have in mind is pretty squarish and I won’t need to do much shaping. Buying the polymer clay is another matter. I’m thinking of using those cardboard pieces that I have lying around.

Now, I was watching a lot of this miniature cooking by Mimime. She speaks Korean and sometimes, her videos have English subtitles. Other times, I just watch and try to understand her steps. She is good and she has this interview that I happen to find. Her miniature food are really edible and nice according to the host. Just this turkey is realistic looking. How did she get it so tiny? Did she get the shrinking ray gun from Honey I Shrunk the Kids? By the way, her miniature kitchen is all made by her. I heart that working sink!

There are others who upload their versions of miniature cooking too. I like Pocket Resorts tiny knife. It looks sharper than my actual one. And how did Miniature Space get those tiny tomatoes? There are so many things on miniatures that I want to make them but I will probably spend the time on watching others make them than me making them.

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