The Curious Case of The Maid Who Got TB

This story must begin when my friend who was really lost about how to handle the situation and was just ranting to us via WhatsApp. It began with her maid who was coughing non-stop and high fever for 10 days. Since she was the employer, MOM regulations states that the employer pays for the full medical fees. Ok, can’t find the link at the moment but I did find this information on the medical and personal insurance for the maid. Since companies also have to pay for workplace insurance, this is reasonable.


Now, back to my friend’s maid medical adventure. Since the maid had continuous high fever for 10 days, my friend had to send her to the hospital after a referral. Now, since the maid is not a Singaporean, she would naturally have to be warded in non Singaporean hospital fees when the hospital suspected that she had tuberculosis. By law, my friend would have to cough up the money to cover the expenses and deposit SGD 3,000. That is a month’s pay for most people. So, the other friends in the chat group were indignant for her. One of them posted the story on her Facebook account and garnered some responses and help.

My friend received some help and still had to leave her maid (ex-maid, whatever, she wanted to send the maid back ASAP) at the hospital with the hospital demanding money. The agency claimed hands off the matter and the maid had pre-existing medical history with TB. Wow. So, how in the world did the maid actually get admitted into Singapore with that kind of history?

Now, this is a few days later. The hospital called to say that my friend had to send her confirmed TB-infected maid to another hospital and they don’t provide ambulance service for this case. What? Let’s call this hospital, Hospital C. Hospital C insisted on my friend doing everything claiming that she is the employer. OK, this, I understand but the employer is asking for ambulance and Hospital C doesn’t have this protocol? I am ignorant on this kind of matter. If anyone has this kind of experience before, please post your resolutions since my friend is stuck with paying for a foreigner who had been giving her nothing but medical troubles to dental since her arrival.

What can my friend do since MOM has its own regulations, the hospital has its own set of protocols and the agency has washed their hands off (for fear of contracting TB?) to get the maid sent back to her own country ASAP without incurring more medical fees? How can my friend send the maid to Hospital T when Hospital C claims it is not their protocol to send ambulance for a TB check up?

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