Descendants of The Sun is Too Romantic

When I was single and dating, I would have made the characteristics of the best boyfriend ever, my ideal boyfriend. This is based on the memes from Descendants of the Sun. The script  writer is a fantastic writer who made the lead character talk so romantically with his girlfriend. Seriously, no boyfriend ever says that. Well, maybe sometimes but all the time? I haven’t watched it yet, so I’m not sure how romantic is the male lead with every scene. To demonstrate, I link you to the list that I found in my Facebook feed. Seriously, got guy ever say that to you before? Once? At least?


On another note, in real life, no such gathering of uber handsome and pretty faces will ever appear in the same place for months on end. I did catch a few handsome boys in secondary and poly days. While at work? Only on or two. Although, it is usually easy to get distracted by pretty faces and beauty is still in the eye of the beholder.

Now, to wait for the whole series to complete and I may start watching it on a binge. I have no patience to wait for the next episode weekly. It is torturous to my curious mind.


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