Listening to Radio Again

It has been years since I last listened to the radio. I used to tune in to 93.3FM and decided to tune in again. For me, the scene has changed. Apparently, I no longer enjoy the new songs that the channel is playing. Instead, I tune in 97.2FM and enjoy the music that were played years back.


My taste in music hasn’t changed much. It has pretty much stayed the same as I like songs with meaningful lyrics instead of lyrics that are just churned out for the sake of filling up the music melody. So, a friend decided to refresh our memories. Such as Eternal Flame by The Bangles. Now then I know the song was sung by them.

Needless to say, I liked some of their other songs too.

And this next one that I think the song was featured in one of the movies.

So, which song did you like from The Bangles?

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