Farewell, My Friend

It had been a great marriage for my friend. Personally, despite the lack of contact with her for many years, she was still married to that great guy I met on her wedding day. His name was Mark. That was all I know. A great guy who was polite and sincere in every way. I saw him at my solemnisation and customary wedding after that. Each time, I felt a sense of calm whenever I saw him.


They had been married for more than 7 years. I lost track. I am glad that she married him because she had never complained about him. Not once. It was a great shock to know that he passed away due to cancer. I’m sorry that I couldn’t meet up with them more since he was always so nice to everyone.

I am simply glad that they had spent the time together as a married couple. I am glad that they were happy in their marriage and that they got to be together. Mark, I am glad to have met you. Farewell. I am glad that you are no longer suffering.

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