Step Back and See The Horizon

For some reason, I’m suddenly reminded of this phrase that I learned a long time ago and have never used it till now. This phrase reminds me of my previous supervisor and she had been practising this for a long time. It is something that’s admirable and I really admire her for that.



Basically, it teaches us to let go of some things and all will be well. Sometimes, it is difficult but when we just step back and let the thing or other person work it out, there won’t be so much turbulence; most likely at work since we have to face people. This is called patience and tolerance rolled into one. According to me, anyway. Something that I should try to remember and practice since my previous supervisor was so very nice to everyone she had to manage. Her managerial skills were something that I really admire too and even when she was faced to obstacles, she gritted her teeth and got on with it.

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