Arthur and The Invisibles Impressions

I was just browsing through the list of movies. Any movie to watch and I tend to gravitate towards 3D style movies. Hence, I found Arthur and The Invisibles. Quite an interesting movie despite the theme being a tad unsuitable for age 9 and below, IMO. Basically, the whole plot can be read via Wikipedia.


The movie was filled with action and time constraints that Arthur faced in order to save his family home. I rarely watch the credits at the end of the movies but this time, I was curious. Until I saw who voiced Evil M. David Bowie, the dearly departed artiste. I don’t know if he voiced or acted in other movies but it was serendipity that I found a movie that was voiced by him just after his death.

What I like about the movie is that Arthur’s grandfather found ways to hide his instructions for Arthur to look and for some reason, in the right order. Is that movie magic or what?

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