Gaten Ragnorak Impressions

When one is bored out of their minds, one will watch movies, for example. Any movie that looked remotely interesting. So, I chose Gaten Ragnorak in Norwegian and understood it only with the help of English subtitles. Thank goodness. It was based on a Norse mythology about Ragnorak, the end of the world in simple terms.


I like how the movie depicts runes and how Sigurd misunderstood its initial meaning. It also shows how his two children try to cope with the loss of their mother even though 5 years have passed. Sigurd is obsessed with finding the secret to the Vikings and he brought his friend and children to Finnmark.

With the introduction of Finnmark, I was wondering if it were just an alternate name for Finland. Nope. It is a real place that lies between Russia and Norway. Ah, just the names of these two countries bring on the image of the rustic countryside. The scenes in the movie are panorama based and brings about a feel of the whole place.

It’s this kind of movies that make me want to visit those exotic lands with seemingly unending land. Those lakes even though they look menacing with those creatures coming out from those movies. Just like how I have been wanting to visit the places where Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and Once Upon a Time were filmed.

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