Escape Room Game in Real Life

The other day, I attended the company annual lunch. This year, they decided to try out the Escape Room game at Lost.SG. The organiser booked Castiglione and it was seriously mind boggling before we even got there. The sky was threatening and we had the admin updates. By the time we completed the lunch, it was raining heavily. The road was a total scene of sepia with the heavy downpour and our driver nearly missed the turn at the tunnel. One other car did miss the tunnel.


We could not bring in our mobile phones as part of the game rules. I can understand since you can’t really keep changing the escape game all the time. The clues and answers tend to be uploaded somehow later. Thus, I was a little curious how a real life escape room game would be like.

To my surprise, it was totally dark and we were given a few flashlights to play. I was totally at a lost on how to play since I wasn’t holding the flashlight and we were pretty fast in the first room. The second room got us stumped because we kept looking at the bookshelf and I was staring at those clocks. Basically, we lost time in the second room and by the time we got to the third room, we only had 5 minutes left. There was also another room but we never got there. Obviously.

In my opinion, I like the place. It was really challenging. However, I dislike the fact that we had to work with dim rooms and flashlights. My mind didn’t work quite well. This is good for team bonding since you can discover the strengths of your colleagues. Or even family bonding.

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