Reading Frenzy

It’s December and I started to read. It’s awesome to have NLB allow the number of borrowing items from 8 to 20. It’s their 20th anniversary. There were times when I didn’t visit the library for too long. I would borrow 4 books at one go; that was when the limit was really pitiful according to me. I wanted to have more books at one go. However, I had to make do with just 4 books and made several trips to the library throughout the week. Walking distance was a plus point. Being young at that point was another plus point.


So, after leaving secondary school, I slowed down my trips to the library. I did volunteer a few times as a Friends of the Library. However, volunteer work meant I had to buy my own lunch and pay for my own transport. I wasn’t a millionaire, just between jobs and trying to figure out which line of work I wanted to pursue since I no longer had the passion for programming. Pity, being a software developer has the perks of salary.

So, I decided to visit the library again and I did manage to borrow more books when NLB upped the limit to 16 when it was in a campaign to encourage more reading (I think). So, recently, NLB up the limit to 20 as part of the 20th anniversary celebration. That is cool by me. I would have borrowed more but a certain toddler was restless. 3 books and a toddler book. Being in between contracts, I now have ample time to read tons of books. Provided my budget allows me to take the bus to and fro. The current living place is a challenge when it comes to visiting the library. Sure, there’s a mobile library just opposite my place but I prefer aisle and aisle of books to choose from. It’s disconcerting when there is a pair of eyes on my movements as if I would steal those dog-eared books. I like new books of my own, thank you very much.

The key to this month is to strategise on my borrowing. Now, I’m going to plan my next trip to the nearest NLB.

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