Whatever You Eat Will Cause Cancer

Recently, my Facebook feeds has been flooded with headlines, “Vegetables Causes Cancer”, “Processed Meat Leads to Cancer”, etc. Apparently, whatever we are eating will cause cancer, no matter what healthy calories that we may be trying to achieve. When I did a little more reading, basically, anything that is processed will cause cancer because the animals have been fed a diet that humans deemed to be fitting (financial for those farmers looking for profits).


The unfortunate news is that organic food doesn’t really help either. That’s because of the fertilizers used. Again, a human factor in getting rid of those pests that eat the plants they want to sell. The unfortunate news for meat lovers, processed meat really is bad. Perhaps that is why I see a lot of posts from people who post recipes using all those food that they buy and do it themselves. They can’t make it like the store-bought ones but they do make it similar tasting since it’s the same food.

How do I grow my own plants since I have limited apartment space? Be creative and try to minimize the plants from taking over my home.

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