The Colouring Trend

Having been seeing The Secret Garden being sold almost everywhere, I was initially tempted to get one for myself. However, I am not a colour pencil person and didn’t want to use colour pencils. There are people who are great at using colour pencils to create the scenes into something that are amazing. Colour pencils can be used to create shades with just one colour too. You just need the following techniques.


I’m more of a coloured pen person and I invested in a 20 coloured set of TriPlus Fineliner pens by Staedtler. I also printed a few complex colouring pages on a thick set of paper to try out. As long as I don’t concentrate on a particular area for too long, the colour doesn’t bleed through.

In the end, I bought Dream, a China printed version. I found the following page rather perplexing. I am still colouring some of the things that I find randomly. I’m not concentrating on just one page. The good thing about colouring books is that I can just choose one random item that I feel like colouring and just colour until I want to stop. No pressure. I may end up trying to find that Harry Potter version.

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