Events Leading to SG50

This year, Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence or birthday as we like to call it. In order to pull off this huge birthday, many companies and schools have been preparing tons and tons of things to do since 2014. I work in a school, I know what is going on for some of the teachers who are involved in that Sg50 book. That poor teacher was in charge of consolidating despite being busy preparing the kids for exams and more tests throughout the year.


Then, I had the task of designing a huge poster/banner for Youth Celebrates for Jul 2015. Why I couldn’t do the design during the Jun holidays when I was in school almost every day, I have no idea. Instead, I was to do the design when I was the busiest. I am sure all those banks that are promoting SG50 packages for this year had started their preparations last year.

I’m also very sure that insurance package for covering babies born in 2015 were also underwritten in 2014 in a bid to attract couples to give birth during 2015. The MAS also took part in releasing new notes to commemorate SG50 but these notes are not printed to replace the current ones because the current ones are just released either last year or the year before. In case you want to buy the folders with the misprinted name of Yusof Ishak, there you go.

For those who don’t want to queue and don’t mind paying more to get the free folder that’s given when you exchange the notes, there you are. I have no idea how long these links will be valid since some sellers have the tendencies to delete the listing once the items are sold instead of changing the status to sold.

There are many things that are sold with the SG50 logo emblazoned for the sake of pushing up sales. Hence, the hashtags of anything related to SG50 has been overused. It’s not that I am not happy about the 50th birthday of Singapore. It’s not that I am cynical of the birthday. I did change my PAssion Card for the red version. Vanity strikes.

What I don’t understand is this, why is everything suddenly related to SG50 just because it’s 2015?!

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