Warehouse 13 Review

Finally, I managed to finish watching Warehouse 13. Since AXN no longer showed it, I had to find it somewhere online. I like how the drama series use supposedly items that belonged to people who longed passed and infuse the items with the energy to the point where the items become artifacts.


The idea of a warehouse that expands organically just to store the artifacts is really amazing. The ongoing attraction and denial of Myka and Pete was really interesting. The character of Steve Jinks was really cute as he was a human lie detector. His innate ability to say outright when people lied outright was incredible. For more information regarding the main characters, the link is here.

My take is on the finale season, it was unfortunately short to my utter dismay. The decision was due to the fact that the season ran out of budget. I am wondering what and how they budget the season since it’s a popular drama that is beloved. The steampunk items were really interesting and I wonder if the series did bank on selling the props as replicas to fans to fund the drama.

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