Not so Fruitful Hong Kong Trip

When DD first asked if I wanted to go to Hong Kong, I was hesitant. I wanted to buy a lot of things from there and I wasn’t sure if it was time to go during the Summer and monsoon season. I followed up on news related to Hong Kong such as the MERS and the Typhoon Linfa events and other related news up till the day we flew. I was worried about going and reluctant to go at the same time. My only knowledge of Hong Kong is that food was going to be expensive. It was. Except, I thought the things there would be cheaper. No.


We spent mostly on food and really should have expanded on the usage of the Octopus card. Using cash in Hong Kong means that we still have some coins that are not useful at all. A HKD1 coin can only get us plastic bags at 2 different shops. They started charging for the usage of plastic bags at HKD0.5 per transaction for using the bags. Most of the shops in shopping malls tend to charge us for the usage.

We bought 32GB flash drives in Ladies Market, however, we didn’t test them before buying because we just didn’t expect to find 32GB flash drives at HKD100 for 10, we lacked a laptop. Unfortunately, none of the flash drives work and I’m not sure if I want to gift to my colleagues for duds. It’s embarrassing since the drives can’t even do anything besides looking cute.

I thought Ladies Market had a lot to offer, it did but it just didn’t fit what I had in mind. Either I wanted to quality of the things at low price or I kept thinking of Chinatown in Singapore offering the same thing; except for the thumbdrives. I had hopes of finding a bag, a pair of boots and some nice clothes. I couldn’t find a Balenciaga inspired bag that fitted the size I had in mind. Either it was not found, too small or too big. I couldn’t find a nice pair of boots since it’s summer and they didn’t have a lot of them being placed. The only clothes that I bought were from H & M and Esprit. As I’m not a Coach or Burberry fan, I didn’t really look at those items. The cost of buying them in Singapore is nearly the same.

We did go to Citygate Outlets but there wasn’t much except for Espirt T-shirts. I think I got the Ghostbusters T-shirt from Uniqlo. DD bought at least 4 new Bermudas as his were breaking apart at the seams. He managed to find some new T-shirts to replace his current once that are falling apart too. My memory of Hong Kong is that it’s a hectic place. There are many and I mean mountains of people at any time of the day and night using the MTR; at least till closing time for the trains to get some maintenance. We stayed in Mongkok area and it’s always full of people cutting hair, eating, walking each time we stepped out of the hotel. I can’t say that I want to go back again soon but the next time would be with my child to visit Disneyland where the money would be spent on God knows what and Ocean Park. My view is that Avenue of Stars is over-rated and too full of people and I didn’t get decent photos in Summer. I believe Winter is a better time as nobody wants to be out there in the cold.

The Symphony of Lights show was nice, it’s the Hong Kong Tourism that deserves the applause for such an idea, at least I think the idea belongs to the Tourism Board. So, Hong Kong, I will visit you again but not so soon.

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